Why Are Gaming Chairs So Expensive? 9 Factors Involved!

Why Are Gaming Chairs So Expensive? 9 Factors Involved!

 Good gaming chairs can often be quite expensive. The extra cost comes from the manufacturing process, which is long and daunting, to bring an ergonomic gaming chair to market and the added features like subwoofers or speakers. For this reason, take some time to think about what features you need and what kind of price range you’re willing and able to pay. 

 Till you figure out your primary requirements in a gaming chair, let us highlight the main factors involved in determining the overall cost of a gaming chair.

premium gaming chairs

  • If you want to buy yourself a new gaming chair without breaking the bank, here are some things to think about:
  • Fabric Covers Instead of Leather
  • Less Padding
  • Buy on Sale

The Main Factors Involved In Determining The Overall Cost Of A Gaming Chair

1. Sturdiness or Durability

gaming chair durability

Sturdiness is one of the main differences between a cheap and expensive gaming chair, but why is it vital for you as a gamer or when you’re enga­ssed in a video game?

  • You will find yourself moving from one place to another while sitting on your gaming chair.
  • You may need to tilt your head back, lean forward, and sometimes lean sideways.
  • You may jump unexpectedly when you see something on the screen.

How much you move the chair affects its lifespan. If the chair isn’t durable enough, you might be able to ruin it while using, or your movements could cause a lot of damage to the chair.


 Gaming chairs with greater longevity are flexible and robust enough to last longer. They can withstand the abuse they receive from professional gamers or during active streaming entertainment programs where you will find more movements for audiences to respond.

 But at the same time, It costs a lot of money to get that kind of engineering done. So, you’ll need to wait until you have enough money saved up before buying a gaming chair with more excellent durability, sturdy materials, and various parts that provide better support for the chair and you.

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2. Constancy

 Constancy or stability is another important feature that affects the cost of a good gaming chair. So, when looking for a gaming chair, key things to consider are how easy it is to move across the floor, whether or not it holds its shape when you’re sitting on it, and its overall weight distribution.

  • First, if you want to move easily and with good ability across the floor, try to own a gaming chair with wheels. But make sure that the wheels are well fixed and rotate smoothly into place without failure. If these gaming chair wheels’ features are not available, the chair isn’t stable enough.
gaming chair casters and base

  • Second, whether or not it holds its shape when you’re sitting on it. Do you notice your chair moving when you lean to one side? If it bends too far, it is not strong or stable enough and could break easily.
laying down in a gaming chair

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  • Third, it’s crucial to test the chairs’ weight allocation. Set on the chair and try to bow to the left or right side. A chair with a reasonable weight allocation should remain stable and upright.
a man sleeping in a red gaming chair


That’s where the extra cost comes from. A good quality gaming chair with excellent constancy features means a lot of work from designers and engineers to solve any issue you may have as a gamer while using a gaming chair.

Cheap gaming chairs that don’t offer as much stability don’t have as many parts or components to keep them stable, nor have as much engineering and design.

If you want a comfortable, durable chair that provides better stability, you’ll need to spend more money on one.

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3. Chair Design

Though the chair’s design significantly impacts its price, it’s essential. Why?  For example, Streamers spend a lot of time thinking about their gaming chairs. As they have limited space for their windows, they need to be able to present themselves professionally, and that includes their gaming chair.

So, if you are a gamer looking for a gaming chair, you will usually find four categories of designs.

1- Chairs with standard or traditional designs: they won’t cost you much money.

Chairs with standard or traditional designs

2- Great-looking designs: considered to be at the middle regarding the price, They are more expensive than gaming chairs with standard designs but not as much as those with rare or unique designs. 

a premium red and black gaming chair

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3- Rare or unique designs: they are more expensive as they need more time and effort to be designed and produced. Why?

A unique design requires that the factory be set up to meet the product’s specific needs. This may mean that the factory needs to undergo different standards, be equipped with extra machines, or bring in more workers. So, if you want something unique, you can expect to pay for it.

a gaming chair with a unique style

4- Racing Chairsare: another design of gaming chairs and are considered one of those expensive gaming chairs that not everyone can afford.

The extra cost because it mimics an actual racing chair. It comes with a driver’s seat, steering wheel, brakes, and gas pedal.

  • The steering wheel controls your car on the screen and allows you to use it as an input device for other games.
  • The brakes and gas pedal are connected to the game, and when you press them, they respond to your actions
  • The comfortable chair is built to simulate being inside an actual racecar. It feels like you’re racing. And it may even give you better control over the car and give you an edge in the game.

This advanced gaming chair combines gaming technology with its design, making it among today’s best gaming chairs. That is why gamers can pay a lot for it to experience a game that simulates reality.

Racing chairs can be expensive depending on the other features that the customer wants.

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a racing gaming chair

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4. Ergonomics

the ergonomics of a gaming chair

Another essential design feature that can increase the cost of a gaming chair is if it’s ergonomically designed or not.

Ergonomics is probably the most important thing to consider when buying a gaming chair because they’re the main reason gamers want one. Why?

  • Gaming sessions could last for hours without taking breaks, which may wear out your body as a gamer. Because of the inflammation and severe pain that a gamer could feel, he might be unable to use an object for a few hours or even a few days.

But, what exactly are ergonomics?

  • Ergonomics studies designing things so they’re best for their users and refers specifically to a product that supports the body.
  • A gaming chair with ergonomic features will help you sit properly without hurting your back or neck and support your movements, especially during long gaming sessions.
  • A gaming chair with an ergonomic design will prevent the risk of neck and back problems as it will give the gamers proper support in these areas.

Ergonomically designed chairs should have at least these features:

  • It has a lot of adjustabilities. You should be able to adjust the seat height, back tilt, and armrests to fit your body’s measurements. The more adjustment, the better.
  • Back support. Good gaming chairs should have back support so you can adjust them to fit your spine. More affordable chairs will usually have a lumbar cushion that does the job, but not always in a perfect way.
  • The seatback should be high and curved with much upper back and neck support.
  • Tilt locks or tension mechanisms are a must. You will need them to lock your backrests and accommodate different body positions.

Beyond these, there are other advanced features, such as breathable materials, responsive motion, adjustable armrests in every dimension, etc. Still, these extra features could even cost you more money as they will be only available in luxury, high-quality gaming chairs. You might need to make some sacrifices according to your budget.

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A gaming chair can improve your experience by helping you play comfortably for longer sessions and lessening the pain your body could feel over time.

They’re expensive because the ergonomic features designed especially for gamers take longer to be engineered and designed than expected.

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5. Ability To Adjust

 More expensive gaming chairs provide the user with a wide range of great adjust options. These features allow the gamer to adjust seat height and depth, head or neck support, tilt, and armrest direction.

 The adjustable features of a gaming chair are meant to make you feel more comfortable and that the chair perfectly fits your body.

 You may find other chairs, which are more expensive, come with other adjustment features. Such as leg support, a fully reclined back to take short naps during gameplay sessions, and built-in features like USB ports and charge hubs, making it easier to charge your devices while you play.

adjustability features of the gaming chairs


You may think that these adjustment features are small changes, but they can be costly, and they’re often passed on to the customer in the form of increased prices.

Even though you may spend more money, we recommend purchasing a high-quality gaming chair with many adjustable features to improve your overall health when using it for long periods.

 But before taking the step of purchasing that kind of a gaming chair, make sure that the chair fits your body; if the chair doesn’t suit you, you’re not getting the proper support where you need it.

6. Gaming chair interior ( Framework, Base, and Padding)

Steel Framework

Not every frame is precisely equal in value or cost. But if you are looking for a gaming chair, you should look out for one made from a steel framework

Though a gaming chair with a steel framework can cost you a lot, it is a durable material designed to absorb all of your movements, including those made during intense games, and will last for a long time.

You can go for a cheap chair with rigid plastic or wood frameworks, but be sure that they won’t last for a long time or handle your sudden movements, especially during gaming sessions that could last for hours.

Steel as a raw material is not expensive, but the manufacturing process itself adds extra cost to it.

a steel frame support of a gaming chair

The base and casters

Another essential factor to consider is the base and casters of a gaming chair. Different types of bases and casters for a gaming chair can affect its price differently.

The base of an expensive gaming chair is made from wide aluminum which is more durable than cheap narrow nylon bases, and wide casters with a diameter of 3″ or more.

gaming chairs casters


The filling used for the cushions and the chair padding is another essential factor determining whether a gaming chair is expensive or cheap. 

Gaming chairs with more padding and cushioning made from mold shape or cold foam cost more.

Manufacturers add extra materials and use more padding to make a durable and comfortable chair that won’t be compressed or flat after a few uses. This increases the cost of producing the chair, which, in turn, raises the price of the chair.

the gaming chair cushion padding


The better-quality the gaming chair is, the longer it will probably last. You don’t want to buy a chair that breaks or gets uncomfortable after a few weeks.

The build quality will depend on the price, so don’t expect the best build quality at the lowest prices. 

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7. Upholstery

A vital aspect of a gaming chair’s covering is its ability to protect it from wear and tear. There are plenty of types of materials used to make gaming chairs.

  • Real or Authentic leather
  • PU (Polyurethane) leather, or Pleather
  • Synthetic webbing or Microfiber
  • Mesh Materials

Real or Authentic leather


  • It gives the gaming chair a fancy professional look
  • It’s a durable material and lasts for a long time
  • It’s sturdy, which means it can withstand a gamer’s movements
  • It won’t rip


  • Natural leather is costly because it’s rare
  • It requires regular maintenance
  • It needs to be cleaned with special oil to prevent any scratches
  • You can’t use any brushes while cleaning it as this could damage the leather

PU (Polyurethane) leather, or Pleather


  • It’s similar to leather but uses a polyurethane coating instead
  • A sturdy and durable material
  • Available at affordable prices than natural leather
  • It doesn’t need regular care


  • A manufactured material
  • Cheap PU leather has an unpleasant plastic-like odor, and it is not durable enough
  • If manufacturing quality is not good enough, it will be thin and not strong as a well manufactured PU cover

Synthetic webbing or Microfiber

They are other materials used as coverage for gaming chairs.

Mesh Materials

Some chairs feature breathability fabrics to help with heat loss. So, a chair covered with mesh materials will be perfect if you are looking for a comfortable sitting with less sweat.

8. Brand Name

Branding is another factor that could help determine whether a gaming chair is inexpensive or expensive. If a company has a strong brand image, brand equity, and brand recognition, it can increase its brand value by increasing the price of its products.

If you’re looking for a cheap gaming chair, there are budget-friendly options, but we’d recommend doing some thorough research first.

9. Technology Features

A gaming chair is expensive because it has special features like A speaker system or other unique tech features.

A speaker system; that could be placed at the back of a gaming chair or right beside the gamer’s ears; is one of the common pieces of equipment included with a gaming chair.

Gamers want as realistic an experience as possible in any game, even if they aren’t playing for real, and the game’s sound quality gives them that feeling.

Other gaming chairs may include cup holders, footrests, and even massage functions.

More features, details, and materials usually mean a higher price.

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How to buy a high-quality gaming chair with a lower price

If you want to buy yourself a new gaming chair without breaking the bank, here are some things to think about

Fabric Covers Instead of Leather

You can pick a gaming chair upholstered with fabric covers instead of natural or PU leather. Though this type of fabric is not that durable and could be damaged easily, it’s available at a low price.

Less Padding

You’ll also want to look for a gaming chair with standard padding. A gaming chair with less padding will be cheaper than a chair with extra padding.

Just make sure that the padding will support you at the back and neck area.

Buy on Sale

Gaming chairs are always in high demand, and that is why sellers try always to sell different models of chairs as fast as they can. 

Some companies put their older products on clearance to make room in their store for newer products. You can get a good deal on old chairs versions if you buy one at that time.

If you’re not looking for something tech-oriented, then an older gaming chair is like a new one.

Finally, if you are looking for an excellent gaming chair within budget, Here are our picks for the best gaming chairs unde 300 USD.

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