Secretlab Omega Vs. Titan: 10 main differences

Secretlab Omega Vs. Titan

 When playing video games, people usually focus on components like the graphics card, gaming keyboard, and gaming mouse that help them get better at competitive play. But they usually commit the same mistake, which is ignoring the gaming chair.

 Gaming chairs provide a comfortable experience for gamers through various options. They come in all shapes and styles to fit different body types. Some even include intelligent features like built-in back support or speakers.

 It’s not easy finding the right gaming chair, especially if you’re looking for something that offers good comfort and support. But with our discussion about one award-winning gaming chair manufacturer and a brand that has most of its fans on the market, you’ll be able to find the perfect gaming chair for your needs.

 A Secretlab gaming chair is known for its durability and comfy. Everything is made with stellar materials, from the headrest to its wheels. They’re incredibly comfortable, built strong, with a cool look. In other words, If you buy a Secretlab chair, you’re getting the best value for your money.

 What makes Secretlab different from other gaming chairs is that they have created different lines of gaming chairs that suit the needs of bigger and taller gamers. However, many buyers questioned whether the Titan or the Omegas was a better choice for them, So in today’s guide, we will look at the main differences between the 2 lines to help you decide which one suits your needs best.

Titan’s and Omega Similarities and differences

1- Titan’s price compared to Omegas’

  • For the price, the Titan costs about $399. Secretlab offers financing options, so there is the possibility of paying for the Titan for as little as $39 per month.
  • The Omega is slightly less expensive than the Titan, it costs about $329, but you can purchase in monthly installments as low as 29 dollars.

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2- Titan’s seat size compared to Omegas’

One of the significant differences between the Omega and the Titan chairs is their respective seat sizes.

The Titan chair is meant for medium to larger users, and it is slightly larger than the Omega chair, which is meant for medium to more petite users.

  • Two chairs’ different measurements,
  • The backrest length:-
  • Titan’s backrest is 34″ long
  • Omega’s backrest is 32″ long
  • The backrest width:-
  • Titan’s backrest is 23″ wide
  • Omega’s backrest is 21″ wide.
  • The seat width:-
  • Both chairs have a seat width of 22″.
  • The seat depth:-
  • Titan’s seat depth is 21″
  • Omega’s seat depth is 20″ 
Titan gaming chair

3- Titan’s height/weight recommendations compared to Omega’s

  • Titan, suitable for larger users, has a maximum recommended height of 6′ 4″ and a maximum weight of 290 lbs.
  • The Omega is designed to be used by medium to small users. Its maximum recommended user height is 5’9″, and its maximum user weight capacity is 240 pounds. However, its maximum weight capacity is 240 pounds; Secretlab does note that you might be able to use it better if you’re around 175 pounds.
  • Here is a different way to choose the right chair according to your size, 
  • With the recommended height and weights for these two chairs, most people will be able to use both of these chairs.
  • If you’re somewhere between 5’8″ and 5’11” and weigh 180-200 pounds, you might like a chair with a tighter fit, in which case, you’d probably prefer the Omega. However, if you’re over six feet tall or over 250 pounds, the Omega will be small to fit you, and the Titans will be the right choice. 

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4- Titan’s terms of a comfort compared to Omega’s

  • For comfort, both the Omega and Titan are relatively similar. You have two options for where to sit. You can either choose to have a bit more space or choose to have a tighter seat. Both chairs are very comfy, but the only difference in comfort is the two chairs’ lumbar support.
  • The Titan has a built-in adjustable back support. Titan’s built-in lumbar support is the more comfortable option for lots of users, especially if you prefer not to sit on a chair with a detached back support pillow.
  • Omega comes with a soft velvety lumbosacral pillow that is considered one of the best lumbar pillows available. One of my complaints with the Omega’s pillow is that it doesn’t attach to the chair properly, and sometimes it slips down when you’re sitting in your seat.
a professional gamer using the Omega gaming chair

5- Titan’s Seat and Armrest Height compared to Omega’s and How it Might Affect You.

  • When choosing between the two chairs, one of the most important things you need to consider is the distance between the ground and the top of the arms.
  • If you have some limitations on your desk height and need something that fits smoothly underneath your desk, the Omega may be better. However, if you don’t have any limitations, the Titan is probably a better choice.
  • The lowest point on the Omega’s seat base is 18″, and the lowest point on the Omega’s armrests are 25″ off of the floor.
  • The lowest point on the Titan’s seat base is 19.5 inches, and the lowest point on the Titan’s armrests is 25.5″off of the floor.

6- Titan’s Velour Head Pillows compared to Omega’s

Both the Omega and Titan offer the head support velour pillow feature.

7- Titan’s Adjustability Features compared to Omega’s

  • For most adjustment traits, these chairs are pretty similar.
  • Both chairs have armrests that adjust the same way and offer the same number of options.
  • Both seats recline up to a maximum of 165 degrees.
  • Both chairs have the same tilt and lock functions.
  • The only difference concerning the adjustment traits of the two chairs is, as we previously mentioned, The Titan chair has an integrated lumbopelvic support cushion. In contrast, the Omegas chair has an independent lumbar pillow.
an adjustable Titan gaming chair

8- Titan’s fabric compared to Omega’s

They are designed using PU leather, feature softweave fabric, and Napa leather. There are five standard colors available for you to choose from and 13 unique edition designs that can be customized, including Overwatch, Dark Knight Game Of Thrones, and many others featuring pro eSports crypto teams.

9- Titan’s seat color scheme and Designs compared to Omega’s

  • Both chairs have pretty similar designs, except that they come in several different colors, and the logos for each are different.
  • The Titan comes in four different styles:
  • Stealth (all black with red stitching on its sides and gold-stitching on its letters)
  • Amber (which is orange and black with a black-stitch Omega or Titan logo and an orange-stitch Secretlab logo)
  • Tempo (blue, white, and light blue) was designed based on the eSports teams Tempo Storm.
  • Ash (which is greyish-blue and black with black-sewn logos).
  • The Omega is also available in Stealth, Amber, and Ash styles. You can also find it in Classic design (white and black with red stitching on the sides and gold-stitched logos) and Royal design (black and blue with gold-stitched logos).
Omega gaming chair bak fabrics

10- Titan’s Seat Design compared to Omegas’

  • The ridges on the edge of the Omega chair force users to sit with less space between their legs to ensure consistent back support. It shows that good posture support is beneficial even if you don’t want it.
  • With the Titan, you can move and position your legs, however. It provides a more comfortable seat than the previous one but doesn’t provide much posture support. Because having your legs spread out willy-nilly reduces the support that your legs provide your back when you’re sitting.
  • Sitting in a Titan chair for too long could damage your back and ruin your health. But if you tuck your hips deep into the seat, you will get the best lumbar back support.
Titan seat adjustment


Both chairs are good choices. Most people will decide whiSecretlab Omega Vs. Titanch Omega or Titan they want to buy based on their budget. If you’re not willing to pay $400 for the Titan, the Omega is better.

Next, your body type. If you’re a big person, the Titan is the best choice. If you’re smaller, you’ll choose the Omega.

Third, whether you prefer a spacious chair or a cozy chair, if you’re between the two options, one thing that will help you choose which one is better for you is how much space you want in your chair (if any). If you want a more oversized seat, get the Titan. If you want a better-fitting chair, buy the Omega.

Finally, Suppose you’re deciding between a Titan or an Omega mattress. You’ll probably want to go for the Titan if you’d prefer the built-in lumbar support option, or you’ll want to go for the Omega if you prefer a lumbar cushion.

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FAQ about Secretlab Gaming Chairs

Is Secretlab Titan chair 2022 worth it?

The Secretlab Titan EVO 2022 is the Editors’ Choice for conventional games thanks to its unique design, comfort, and playability. So, If you’re a pc gamer looking for a big, robust and comfortable gaming chair to sit in front of your desk, this is the one to buy.

Do Secretlab chairs get softer?

Cold-curing foam is firmer than regular foam, but it won’t lose its shape or feel soft over time. So you can count on consistent support for your back.

Does Secretlab Omega have lumbar support?

The Secretlab OMEGAs come with a memory foam lumbar pillow that conforms to the shape and bends of your lower back. The Secretlab Titans and Secretlab Titan XL come with an adjustable in-built lumbar support mechanism to fit your body and protect your back.

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