How To Assemble Secretlab Omega Chair? | 7 Easy Steps

Before we dive into Secretlab Omega chair’s assembly, let me first tell you a few things that will make you so proud of getting that chair!

Secretlab Omega is an outstanding gaming chair from the Singaporean company Secretlab.

OMEGA chair features a few, high-end different materials, including; the super-soft NAPA leather, which is the costliest choice.

SoftWeave fabric is designed especially for those living in high-temperature climates. And the third option is upholstered in the 2.0 PU leather, which is stylish, durable, tough, abrasion-resistant, easy to clean, and most of all super ergonomic.

In terms of style, you can get your gaming chair esports themed with your favorite team. Or can even customize it to be themed with your favorite tv show or movie.

In terms of comfort, The Omega’s bucket seat wraps itself around the gamer’s body, making it one of the most comfortable options on the market.

At the same time, it has some lift to it, ensuring that the gamer never tips over, even when he is fully reclining.

This lift comes apart from the re-inforced aluminum wheelbase, offering the gamer a great amount of stability. Despite that weight, the chair’s casters smoothly glide across your gaming setup rough floor.

One of the things that make the Omega Secretlab chair stand out is that its firm seat supports the gamer’s weight without being sunk down, while the outward angled flanks located on the sides give his thighs a space to rest cozily.

Furthermore, the heavy-duty hydraulic gas piston, backrest, and seat base make the Omega Secretlab chair even more sturdy and reliable

As for adjustments, the 4D armrests can move up & down 7cm, with easy-to-use metal clasps. And to have a more ergonomic sitting experience, the armrests come with a button inside them to let you slide them in/out 2cm

In addition to 4 hydraulic pistons, a related lever that allows for 9.5cm of height adjustment and an additional lever on the left for locking/unlocking the chair’s tilt mechanism.

Now let’s move to the most exciting part and the reason why you are here!

Secretlab Omega Chair

How To Assemble Secretlab Omega Chair?

In terms of assembly, unlike the Secretlab Titan Evo gaming chair which is easy to assemble, Omega is a little bit harder to put together, but don’t worry I am here to give you a hand!

When you first open the 66 pounds (30 kilos) box, you will find:

  • Seat with armrests
  • Wheelbase
  • 5 wheels
  • Hydraulic piston for the height adjustment
  • Backrest
  • Slide-on lever handles
  • Side covers for the backrest
  • 3 Philips screws
  • 8 spring washers
  • Allen wrench
  • 4 M8 screws

Before your package get delivered you need to do some pre-installing steps, including; cleaning up your gaming setup from top-to-bottom and clearing out a clean floor space of about 3 m2 to set up your gaming chair.

When you open the package, you will first find a warning indicating that you should not touch the backrest recline lever when you remove it from the package. I will tell you the reason why in few seconds.

Below the warning, there is a step-by-step installation guide with photos, just remove it and set it off to the left side. It is worth mentioning that this user’s manual is so easy to understand

Below the user’s manual, you will find a foam layer. Just remove it you won’t need it for anything it is just for package safety purposes.

Below the foam layer, you will find the backrest. Here comes the actual assembly steps.

Step #1: Building the Base of the Chair

Building the Base of the Chair

When you take the backrest out of the box, you will find one more foam layer, just keep it aside as a space to build the base of the gaming chair.

Below the foam, you will find the metal base of the chair & a box of tools. Just take both of them from the box, you can keep them over the foam you took out.

Now, flip the chair’s base upside down and open the box to take the casters, Pop every caster into the base and then press down till you hear a click sound.

how to assemble secretlab omega chair base?

When the casters are in place, now you need to turn the chair’s base right-side-up.

After that, slide in the gas lift cylinder and add the protection rings onto the cylinder’s top. Finally, you will have a completed base, just keep it aside to get ready for the next step.

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Step #2: Preparing the Backrest

Prepare the Backrest

Take the backrest out of its plastic wrap, and put it onto a foam pad. Then remove the 2 screws on both sides of the backrest with your fingers.

Now, put the foam pad with the backrest on it aside.

Step #3: Preparing the Seat

how to assemble secretlab omega chair? Prepare the Seat

Now pull the next foam layer out of the box, where below it you will find both the armrests & seat attached as one unit.

Pull that unit out slowly and place it on top of the foam pad you just took out. And then with a pair of scissors cut the plastic wrap.

You will find a cardboard strip around the seat stating that you should not remove that strap till you securely install the backrest.

Step #4: Connecting the Seat to the Backrest

Connect the Seat to the Backrest

Here comes the most challenging part, the reason is the backrest is kind of heavyweight.

Now you should start sliding the sleeve that is attached to the chair’s backrest over the attached latch. If you found it so hard to do it on your own, we recommend you get some help from a friend or something.

When you get the backrest sleeve attached to the latch of the seat, take a look at the other side and ensure that the 2 parts line up.

 secret lab omega chair assembly (the backrest sleeve attached to the latch of the seat)

When you get the latches lining up, collect the 4 screws of the backrest, which you have removed earlier. And then start pulling out the toolkit that is included in the accessories box.

pulling out the toolkit that is included in the accessories box

Here comes the role of the attached large Allen key, use it inside the toolkit for tightening the bolts that connect the backrest and seat.

connect the backrest and the seat of omega gaming chair

After you get the chair’s backrest attached to the seat, the Secretlab omega chair starts to take shape.

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Step #5: Disabling the Backrest Lock

You will come across a cardboard warning strip over the seat stating that you shouldn’t remove this strip till the backrest is firmly installed. But now you got the backrest firmly installed, you can take off that warning strip.

Below that strip there is one more warning pointing to some screw hole, asking you not to remove the screw till the backrest is firmly installed.

Disable the Backrest Lock in omega gaming chair

With the screw in place, the backrest locks in place too, ensuring that there will be no movement while assembly or delivery.

make sure that the backrest locks

And when you remove the screw, the backrest gets completely functional.

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Step #6: Install Multifunction Tilt Mechanism

Now, the seat, armrests, and backrest are one unit, and you need to flip that unit upside down.

We suggest you flip it over one of the foam pads you took out of the box earlier.

Install Multifunction Tilt Mechanism

After that start pulling out the multifunction tilt device by using the 4 screws found inside the toolkit, in order to attach the part to the chair’s base.

Keep in mind that, the gas lift hole should be facing towards the chair’s backrest, and at the same time the tilt tension knob should be facing towards the chair’s seat.

For finishing out the underside, you need to pop in the control levers. The multi tilt mechanism device will be located on the left level lever while facing forward in the chair.

Tilt Mechanism in omega gaming chair

Furthermore, the lever that is located on the right controls the seat’s height and you can also use it to lock & tilt the seat at different angles.

Step #7: Connect Base to The Seat Bucket

how to Connect Base to The Seat Bucket of secretlab omega chair

Congrats on reaching the final step! Now you have to push the installed seat base into the seat hole, easy, right?

Simply, slide it in and you will have Secretlab omega chair almost ready.

You might need a handout to turn this best gaming chair right-side up. Let someone hold the chair’s base securely in place, while you turn the Secretlab chair over.

Now you can take your time to admire the masterpiece you just added to your gaming setup.

secretlab omega after assembly

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 Final Touches and Clean Up

As a final touch, attach the covers of the backrest bolt, which are attached with magnets.

Start pulling the cover over the holes of the bolt, and you will find the magnets pulling the pieces together and snapping them in place.

secretlab omega chair's Final Touches and Clean Up

Now all you need to do is to start your first gaming session with your new stunning gaming chair, and if you are buying it for the purposes of work, you are ready to go with such a brilliant office chair!

FAQ on How to Assemble Secretlab Omega Chair

Is Secretlab Omega 2020 worth it?

Secretlab Omega comes in an expensive price tag, but let me tell you that it is absolutely worth your hard-earned money.
As it offers a wide variety of styles and amazing adjustability features, which guarantees that you have an exceptionally comfortable sitting experience whether you are using it as a gaming chair or an office chair.

One more aspect that makes Secretlab Omega chair worth it is the high quality, ergonomic materials and features, including; memory foam pillows, seat cushion, multi tilt mechanism, and more to help you keep a good posture.

Is Secretlab Omega good for back?

Secretlab Omega chair features excellent lumbar support for supporting the natural inward curve of your lower spine, which makes you maintain a good posture and reduce the stress in the muscles that surround your spine.

One more notable feature is the neck pillow (lumbar pillow) Secretlab chairs feature, which provides you with a more comfortable sitting experience.

Does Secretlab Omega come with pillows?

The Secretlab Omega chair provides you with almost all kinds of adjustments you might need, including exceptionally ergonomic and adjustable armrest as well as two soft and squishy pillows that will make your long gaming marathons so comfortable.

Are Omega chairs comfortable?

Each and every chair from Secretlab Omega chair comes with super ergonomic neck support & lower back pillows.

Furthermore, the seat cushion and the chair’s backrest are exceptionally firm and ergonomic, offering you an excellent amount of support for your back and spine.

all in all, the high-end materials, ergonomic features, and incredible adjustments make Secretlab Omega chairs super comfortable even for the longest working days or gaming marathons!

How Long Do Omega Chairs Last?

Secretlab Omega chairs are built to last, as they are made from high-quality materials, and have a wide range of ergonomic features. So, with all of these properties, omega chair can stay with you for up to Seven to Ten years.

Is Secretlab Omega too small?

In fact, the Secretlab Omega chair is mainly targeting smaller gamers, since its maximum weight capacity is 240 lbs. and the maximum recommended height is 5’9″.
Even though omega chair can support up to 240 lbs. Secretlab recommends it for 175 lbs. gamers.