Outriders Classes: An In-Depth Overview and Guide

Outriders, a co-op PvE title from Square Enix, features four different classes that players can select from when creating their character.

Which class you pick will determine what role you’re best suited for. Knowing the ins and outs of all of Outriders’ classes will significantly improve your overall experience as compared to selecting a class without prior knowledge and going into the game blind.

Outriders Classes

Below, we provide an in-depth guide to Outriders’ classes. The guide provides info about each class that will help you make an informed decision to start your character build. The roles of each class are summarized and full guides to each class and their subclasses are provided, too.

Outriders Classes

Currently, there are four classes in Outriders for players to choose from.

These include:

  • Devastator
  • Pyromancer
  • Technomancer
  • Trickster

Note: The links above will eventually take you to pages dedicated to the individual classes. These pages will include detailed guides to each class, tips for using them, a deep look at their skill trees, suggestions for class builds, and more.

It’s all noteworthy that all classes feature 8 skills and 3 subclasses which are unlocked with time through game progression. Your overall build will depend greatly on which subclass you pursue and which skills you choose to unlock and have active within your skill tree.


Devastator is one of two Outriders classes designated as being a close-range role. This class is designed to play the role of a tank. Increased health and armor give Devastator the ability to get in the heat of battle and defend teammates. Tanks are meant to take the focus off allies and sustain damage more so than other classes.

Outriders Devastator Class

The Devastator’s 3 subclasses are:

  • Vanquisher
  • Warden
  • Seismic Shifter

The Vanquisher subclass primarily focuses on improving your overall damage output and weapon capabilities. The Warden subclass further expands your maximum health, armor, health regeneration, and other related stats. Finally, Seismic Shifter is a mixed bag of skill enhancements, damage improvements, and more.


The Pyromancer, as the name implies, is capable of controlling fire and is classified as a medium-range conjurer class.

Outriders Pyromancer Class

The Pyromancer’s 3 subclasses are:

  • Ruler of Ashes
  • Scorcher
  • Tempest

The Ruler of Ashes’ skill tree gives the player options to increase damage output with weapons, improve damage inflicted with various Pyro skills, and so on. The Scorcher subclass provides the ability to improve skill damage, physical damage, and the duration of specific skills within the Pyromancer tree. Last, but not least, the Tempest subclass tree opens up skill selections that can up your health, improve your overall resistance, up your armor, reduce incoming damage from specific enemy types, and more.


For players looking to take on the role of a ranged support, Technomancer would be the most ideal choice of the Outriders classes. With an array of healing abilities, powerful contraptions, and long-ranged weaponry, the Technomacer is a rather versatile class, but primarily designed for long-range damage dealing and supporting allies.

Outriders Technomancer Class

The Technomancer’s 3 subclasses are:

  • Pestilence
  • Tech Shaman
  • Demolisher

The Pestilence subclass skills are mostly tailored to improving the Technomancer’s damage output, range, and skill cooldowns. Tech Shaman abilities increase overall health, armor rating, and healing, while also giving options to further enhance turrets and other skills. Finally, the Technomancer’s Demolisher subclass has a variety of skills that reduce skill cooldowns, increase resistance piercing, and apply boons while activating Ordinance-based skills.


Finally, we come to the Trickster. This is predominantly a close-quarters, damage-based class. In other words, it possesses one of the highest DPS ratings among the Outriders classes. Trickster is quick and agile, capable of running into battle, striking enemies, and quickly escape in a flash.

Outriders Trickster Class

As the game states, the Trickster “bends the laws of space and time to appear out of nowhere, assassinate enemies, and return to safety in the blink of an eye.” Killing enemies while in close proximity with Trickster also activates a passive ability that grants healing to the player.

The Trickster’s 3 subclasses are:

  • Master of Space
  • Harbinger
  • Assassin

Master of Space provides the player with skills that reduce the cooldown of movement skills, increase physical and critical damage, and improves the traits of certain weapon types utilized by the class. The Harbinger subclass of Trickster focuses on increasing armor, max health, resistance, and providing boons to the players shields. Finally, the Assassin subclass abilities give minor boosts to your overall anomaly power, resistance penetration, firepower, and more.

Conclusions on Outriders Classes

Overall, while there are just a few classes available in Outriders at the time, each one provides players with options to craft a build on their own personal play-style and class selections of teammates. Keep in mind that while the game is tailored to co-op experiences, it is possible to create a build capable of taking on the world of Enoch solo as well. Your success in both single-player play and group play will rely heavily on your Outriders builds, knowledge of the class you opt for, and in-battle skills.

The basic roles of each class are well-defined. However, depending on the skills you select, subclasses you choose to pursue, and the way you play, it is possible to bend the roles of the Devastator, Pyromancer, Technomancer, and Trickster classes to serve your own wants and needs a bit.

Additional Outriders classes and subclasses may be added down the road if Square Enix further develops and expands the game. Any additions will be added to this page and full guides will be provided for each class as well. Our team at The Gamer Collective is very exciting for the potential of Outriders and plans to keep players up to date on news, game updates, DLC, tips, guides, and more.

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