5 Best MousePad For Apex Legends

Corsair MM300 - Anti-Fray Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad
Corsair MM300 – Anti-Fray Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad
Blade Hawks RGB Gaming Mouse Pad
Blade Hawks RGB Gaming Mouse Pad
Razer Goliathus Chroma Gaming Mousepad
Razer Goliathus Chroma Gaming Mousepad

  5 Best MousePad For Apex Legends

You need to be quick and precise when fighting in Apex Legend. One little mistake, and it’ll all be gone in the blink of an eyelash. That is why a mouse pad is an essential part of your computer. It’s the surface that you use to click, scroll and move the cursor around on your screen. It helps prevent damage to your keyboard from accidental presses. So, if you want to have the best mouse pad for Apex Legends, then there are some things that you should consider.

Things to consider if you are looking for The Best Gaming Mouse Pad for Apex Legends

First, you should know what type of mouse pad you want. Do you want something simple? Or do you want something more complex? If you want something simple, you don’t necessarily need anything special. But if you want something more advanced, you will go for RGB mouse pads which will allow you to customize the colors of the mouse pad according to your preference.

  It would help if you also looked at the size of the mouse pad. A large mouse pad is usually recommended since it easily allows you to move your mouse around. But if you are using a laptop, you may want to go with a smaller mouse pad since they tend to be smaller.

  You should also consider the material used to make the mouse pad. Some people prefer mousepads made out of plastic, while others like those made out of cloth. Both materials have pros and cons; however, the main advantage of using a mouse pad made of fabric is that it doesn’t get dirty quickly. On the contrary, mousepads made of plastics tend to get dirty quickly.

  Another thing that you should consider when buying a mouse pad is how much space you have available in your home. If you only have a small amount of space, you shouldn’t buy a big mouse pad. Instead, it would be best if you opted for a smaller mouse pad that fits well into your limited space.

  When choosing the right mouse pad for Apex Legends, you should also consider your budget. If you are looking for a cheap mouse pad, you should probably avoid purchasing one that costs over $20. But if you are willing to spend a little more money, you should check out mouse pads that cost between $30-$50.

  Finally, If you consider getting a mouse pad for Apex Legends online, you should always read reviews before purchasing. Reviews help you find out which mouse pad is better than another. They also let you know whether or not the mouse pad is worth the price.

So, now that you know everything about the different types of mousepads for Apex Legends, all that remains is to choose one! And we hope this guide helped you decide which mouse pad is the best for you.

A list of the Best 5 Mousepad for Apex Legends

  1. Corsair MM300 Mouse Pad
  2. Blade Hawks RGB Gaming Mouse Pad
  3. Razer Gigantus v2 Gaming Mouse Pad
  4. NPET MP02-SP Gaming Mouse Pad
  5. Fnatic Gaming Mouse Pad
Corsair MM300 - Anti-Fray Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad - High-Performance Mouse

– Anti-Fray Stitched Edge.
– Cloth Surface Mouse Pad.
– Multi-Color.
– Multi-sizes from small to extended size.
– Anti-Slip rubber base.
– Available at a reasonable price.

About Corsair MM300: –

There’s no doubt that Corsair products are some of the best there. Corsair has always been renowned for producing high-quality products, and its PC accessories also perform well.

The Corsair MM300 comes in different sizes, from small to extended sizes, which will undoubtedly fit your needs. Besides various sizes, the Corsair Gaming Mouse Pad is also available in different material options – the anti-fray model and the spill-proof model.

The Corsair MM300 Main Features Pack: –

  1. The knitted fabric surface of this excellent gaming mouse pad guarantees superior and accurate control for your mouse in FPS games such as APEX Legends
  2. The textured surface allows you to move your mouse easily, quickly, and accurately when needed.
  3. The sewed edges give this pad maximum durability over other cheap ones, so you won’t need to worry about worn edges.
  4. Mousepads are designed to be used with both types of mice: laser mice and optical mice.
  5. The base of MM300 is made of anti-skid rubber so that you don’t have to lift your mouse and reposition it.

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Blade Hawks Extra Large RGB Gaming Mouse Pad with Extended Soft LED Mouse Pad

 – Large size 31. 5×12 inches which fit your keyboard and mouse.
 -Cloth Surface Mouse Pad.
 – Different LED backlight modes.
 – Three USB 2.0 ports.
 –  A 3-watt speaker.
 – Anti-Slip rubber base.
 – Available at a reasonable price.


Hawks RGB Gaming Mouse Pad Main Features Pack: –

  1. The mouse pad has three USB 2.0 ports, which means you can connect your USB devices such as a mouse, keyboard, and USB storage devices (e.g., flash drives).
  2. This unparalleled mouse pad has a 3-watt power rating speaker, which is relatively low. However, it’s always good to have something additional and uncommon.
  3. At an extremely low price of just under $35, one cannot ask for a better gaming mousepad than this one. It’s the best Apex Legends Gaming Mouse Pad you’ll find at this price.
  4. The mouse pad has built-in support for Plug & Play, which means you won’t need to install any additional drivers when using it. Just plug in the mouse pad by using the included USB cable.
  5. The Blade Hawks RGB mouse pad features a micro-textured cloth surface to help you get the most out of your mouse movements.
  6. It has a smooth surface which allows for smooth and accurate movement of the mouse cursor.
  7. You don’t have to worry about any accidental liquid splashes on the gaming mouse pad due to its water and spill-resistant surface. 

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Razer Goliathus Chroma Gaming Mousepad: Customizable Chroma RGB Lighting & Soft

– High-Thickness Foam
– Non-Slip Rubber Base
– Classic Black
– 3 MM thickness for medium and large size
– 4 MM thickness for XXL and 3XL size

About Razer Gigantus v2

A good gaming mouse pad is one of the most important additions for any gamer. Razer is one of the most famous gaming gear and accessories manufacturers with the top-notch build quality and near-perfect performance.

Razer Gigantus v2 Gaming Mouse Pad Main Features Pack: –

  1. FPS games require less precision than other genres of games, and this mouse is ideal if you’re playing an FPS game as it’s designed explicitly for low-sensitivity playstyles.
  2. Having a large mouse pad like this one is vital when playing competitive games like Valor and Apex Legends, as it will help reduce the need for you to lift and reposition your mouse every two seconds.
  3. The Razer Gigantus v2 mouse pad features a textured fabric surface that provides a superior gaming experience for all mice.
  4. This cloth surface has a special coating that allows you to play fast and control your style of play.
  5. This mouse pad also features an anti­-skid base made from natural-fiber rubber, which helps keep the mouse pad in place when gaming.
  6. The Razer Gigantus v2 gaming mouse pad is available in 4 different sizes– medium, large, XXL, and 3XL.
  7. Dimensions of the largest size are about 37.04 x 16.15 x 0.16 inches.

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NPET MP02-SP Gaming Mouse Pad, Cloth Mouse Pad, Anti-Slip Base

– 4 MM Thick Cloth Mouse Pad
– Anti-Slip Base
– RGB Backlight
– Sewed Edges
– Water-Resistant
– Optimized for Gaming Sensors
– XL dimensions 31.5 x 12×0.15 Inch

About NPET MP02-SP Gaming Mouse Pad

An excellent gaming mouse pad is an essential part of FPS gaming and dramatically improves your gameplay by allowing you to move your mouse freely without restriction. With the NPET MP02-RGB gaming mouse pad, you get an affordable way to achieve that for less than thirty dollars.

NPET MP02-SP Gaming Mouse Pad Main Features Pack: –

  1. With the help of an NPET MP02-RGB mouse pad, you can move your mouse cursor faster and aim better in FPS (first-person shooter) games. It’s probably one of the best mouse pads for Apex Legends.
  2. Another great feature of the NP ET gaming mousepad is its non-slip rubber base. It keeps the mouse pad in position even when you’re playing intensely for long periods.
  3. This is one of the best gaming mouse pads for any PC gamer as it allows you to feel a combination of precision and speed.
  4. The RGB Lights offer nine static lighting modes and three dynamic lighting modes from which you can choose the one you find the most attractive. And to change between the different light settings, press the switch button.
  5. It’s rollable and portable. You can store it away and use it whenever you need to. However, because it’s so thick, it won’t warp.
  6. Easy to clean and durable for long-lasting use.
  7. It comes with Sewed edges to prevent it from fraying.

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Fnatic | Dash XD | Pro Gaming Mouse Mat for Esports & Fast Surface and Anti-Slip Rubber Base | Size XXL

– Pro Gaming Mouse Mat
– Fast Surface
– Sewed Edges
– Anti-Slip Natural Rubber Base
– Available at different sizes medium – large – XL – Extended Large
– Mixed Fabric
– Water-Resistant

Fnatic Gaming Mouse Pad Main Features Pack: –

  1. Unique and durable fabric:- The Unique F15 mixed material enables fast yet controllable mouse movements in all directions with excellent stopping power.
  2. The best performing mousepad for gaming sensors:- These movements occur with the same strength, control, and stability in all directions.
  3. Anti fry MICRO-KNIT: The Anti-Fray technology is made from a special blend of polyester fibers woven into an extremely tight weave pattern that makes it very resistant to fraying. It’s thinner than its competitors with a closer-knit, and that helps prevent wrist pain or soreness from rapid flicks shots and significant movements with the mouse.
  4. Durability:- It also provides excellent durability while still allowing air circulation through the surface.
  5. ANTI-SLIP rubber base: Natural rubber of high density allows for a grippy and firm base to allow for ultimate mouse control.
  6. A large space XL mat 37.4″x19.7″x0.12″:- Means plenty of space for mouse movement as well a full-size keyboard.

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FAQ About Mouse Pads

Does mousepad affect aim?

Some mousepads create an excellent textured surface that helps the optics of gaming mice to detect how fast they move across the surface of a desktop. This will have an immediate effect on aiming speed and accuracy.

Do pros use to control or speed mousepads?

Most pros in competitive FPS games like Overwatch and CSGO tend to use control pads like the QWERTZ and Logitech Cloth Pads.

Is a more oversized mouse pad better?

A low DPI means you can move and shoot faster and more accurately. For FPS games, it is best to get a large mousepad to avoid running out of room. If you prefer gaming at a higher DPI, then a smaller to medium-sized mousepad will work well.

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